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VPN for router is a special technology for protecting and securing your Internet connection. Do you frequently access social networks at work and at home? Use resources that are blocked regionally or by law? Need reliable, completely anonymous surfing? Read our article - we prepared a lot of useful information on the subject we are discussing today.

What is VPN? - It is an acronym for Virtual Private Network, which literally means "virtual private network". In fact we are talking about servers that allow you to hide your network activity by changing your IP address. This unique technology provides an encrypted connection that keeps your personal data (what web sites you visit, what you download, what passwords you enter, and so on) with you. Believe me, in these times of digitization of society and increasing level of hacking skills, stealing financial information and gaining access to important documents is easy! Scared?

Till quite recently such services were installed separately on each electronic device, i.e. the program was downloaded on the PC, then on the smartphone and other mobile gadgets. It was inconvenient, sometimes unprofitable and expensive (if the software is paid). But time passed, the developers of modern VPN applications did not doze off, and developed and improved new methods to protect networks as a whole, comprehensively. So the software for routers appeared.

Why do we need a VPN for Wi-Fi-router

The installation and further use of such software has a lot of advantages. Let's look at the main ones:
  • can connect several home ∕ office gadgets (laptop, tablet, SMART TV, etc.
  • timesaving + minimum hassle with configurations - set once and forget, no extra "gestures", enter your ∕ password, turning on and off
  • protect against cyber-attacks and fraud, as well as illegal connections
  • strong data encryption
  • minimization or no financial investment.
An even simpler way is to buy a special VPN router, but it's not that simple. Such devices cost more than standard devices (which we all use), are specific in their settings, can reduce speed indicators and overall performance, and sometimes have a smaller selection of servers. Therefore you can decide which variant is more preferable for you!

If you decided to choose the first option, because you are satisfied with your "old" router and are not ready to get rid of it, we suggest to go to the most interesting - the choice of VPN for the router. There is so much information on the Internet about these utilities that the head goes around. We have prepared for you a little memo with the criteria for choosing a reliable service for your router model.

We select according to the requirements:
  1. Modifications and router manufacturer (Beeline, Zyxel, Asus, TP Link). The instructions to the software shows what devices it interacts with.
  2. Lack of servers in different countries to access blocked streaming and other services.
  3. The speed of the connection (for online streaming and gaming), the logless policy of the VPN provider (no logging of personal data anywhere), and the kill-switch  option (emergency shutdown) are additional, but important, nuances that applications depend on.
By the way, if you're interested in these kinds of utilities, check out our site... - there you will find a lot of great free VPN for routers of all modifications and operating systems. All the articles are very informative and contain step-by-step instructions on installing and configuring the software with screenshots. Even a novice can figure it out.

Here are a few good options:
  • NordVPN - premium service with excellent features (double encryption, more than 5 thousand servers to choose from, support for many protocols - OpenVPN including, Russified, good support service).
  • Super VPN - high-speed excellent, the favorite of many gamers. Noted for its "split tunneling" option, built-in ping testers ∕ speed, works with torrents, 24/7 tech support.
  • Radmin - a popular product among users (new on the market) with decent features (over 700 servers, Stopwall feature, no logging, easy setup).
Protect all the devices in your network today, using the best VPN services for router. It's so easy, and most importantly - effective and vital!

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