is another email address that helps the user log into the Netis router setup wizard. We have already talked to you about the general method of logging into the user account (read can be found in the article), but today we want to draw your attention to a specific model. We hope this review will be helpful to you!

We don't want to repeat ourselves but we would like to point out that the device configuration procedure is sometimes very helpful. For example, when there is no possibility to have a specialist consult you or call the technical support service and you urgently need to:
  • review user information (the number of MBs used, connection speed, channels, ports, change the password etc.);

  • review the user information (the number of MBs used, channels, ports, change the password etc.).)
  • configure the options of Internet connection;
  • check (add, delete) the connected gadgets - and this is only a small part of configurations!

How to enter into Netis settings?

It's quite simple and standard, any user can do it:
  1. Start your browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla - it does not matter).
  2. Write your IP address in the address bar - or the domain name - both variants will work (whatever you remember and whatever you type).

  3. Later you may need authorization: SSID (usually indicated on the ∕ label) + password (look there, often "password"). You will find yourself in the main menu of the control panel, where you can change the language (choosing Russian) and work with additional features (tab "Advanced").
What to do if you can not get into Netis settings? - This is the most common question on the forums. Chances are you did something wrong, for example you didn't power it on (check all the cables and LEDs), you changed your IP address to letters instead of numbers, you used publicly available Google DNS URLs. There can be many reasons why "Page not found" - the main thing is not in a hurry!

Using the personal account is easy and profitable. There's a lot of powerful commands you can use without the help of a knowledgeable technician: access and system monitoring, dynamic DNS server management, wireless optimization, Mac filtering, USB settings and much more.

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