How to find free Wi-Fi

How to find free wifi? - This is the question often asked by seasoned travelers or freelancers who sometimes just need a fast Internet connection. And if you are a video-blogger or an Instagram fan? - Here you have to surf a lot and a lot, otherwise you'll lose subscribers and hard-earned money. Also office employees often can't do without Internet when they are away from their workplaces. They have to download or urgently demonstrate a presentation to the client, or to look through the data in the cloud storage - who knows what for?

In this article we have gathered simple, useful and most importantly effective tips to get free access to Wi-Fi wherever you are, even at the edge of the world.

Let's start with 3 easiest solutions:
  1. Public places (hotels, gas stations, airports and railway stations, restaurants and cafes, shopping malls and stores, McDonald's, Starbucks and other popular places) - everything is simple here, you can use free Wi-Fi while being in these locations. The significant disadvantage is that the connection outside the premises works rarely and poorly, and inside it is often asked to buy something. So this option is not quite free, but let's say at the price of a cup of coffee or a glass of water.
  2. Mobile Facebook application for iPhones and Android - gadgets. To find all the nearby hot spots, launch the page of the social network, go to the menu and there open the tab "Search for Wi-Fi". You will see all the places that provide free Wi-Fi in the map mode. One problem - not everyone has a Facebook registration.
  3. Specialized software to find free wi-fi spots. This method is quite simple, and sometimes even more rational. The main thing is to choose and download to your smartphone the service you are comfortable with. Such mobile applications have a map format and show maximum useful information on hot spots, including passwords for closed access. There is no country or area that won't have hotspots that your device can connect to. They are delivered mostly free of charge, have a concise interface, and the Russian language is present.

The only issue is that free hotspots do not provide security for data transfer. If the information you will be exchanging has some value or degree of confidentiality, it is better not to send it "in clear view".

Wifi Finder Applications

  • Swift WiFi is one of the easiest and most convenient services to show wifi coverage in the area where you are now. It provides free passwords for the selected connections, their IP addresses, speed and signal quality, and is compatible with Android;
  • WiFi Map - allows you to generate and get the keys to the networks you need. It works on Android and iOS. The software is very practical and easy to use, and has a very large database (updated every second by the users themselves), making it very popular among users;
  • WiFi Master Key - highly functional. It is not designed for cracking passwords, but for network monitoring and testing and issuing previously saved passwords. The service doesn't have any complicated configuration settings, that's why it's a favorite of many.

A side note: By the way, do you believe that Ilon Musk and his SpaceX company will be able to provide the entire planet with free Wi-Fi? The idea is very tempting and interesting...

We told you about the most popular software services that will help to find free wifi. There are a lot more of them on the Internet and we will gradually continue to get acquainted with them.

We hope our article was useful to you - leave your opinions and comments under it.

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