Free Internet for Iphone

Despite the fact that the device itself running IOS is not cheap, you do not want to pay extra for the Internet, and this is understandable. First of all, the quality of mobile Internet is very low, if we do not take into account the major cities of Russia. And secondly, its price is not as low as we would like it to be.

All iPhones have a built-in Wi-Fi module, so why should we not use it to access the Internet. There is, of course, one "but", not all access points are publicly available and most of them are hidden behind a password.

But here we will need the skills of wardreiving, that is breaking the Wi-Fi access points. There is a lot of software for this purpose, and it is distributed free of charge, and our website is no exception. To use these programs, you will need almost no knowledge and skills, except, of course, at least a little bit of straight hands and the ability to use your smartphone. It is sufficient to download application for hacking Wi-Fi on IPhone, install it on your phone and follow the simple instructions.

That's all you need to get free Internet for IPhone, iPad or iPod. Write about successful hack attempts in the comments, advise others.

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