Wardriving is the interception of Wi-Fi signal or traffic by "combat driving" method. The term for us is consonant with the concept of hacking Wi-Fi, and so it is more understandable to us. And in principle it is clear to all of us why this technological "chip" was invented - there are a lot of access points in cities, and among them it is easy to find and then hack into a "free" neighboring network, as well as more interesting to hackers bank or state.

But the purpose of our article is not to encourage our readers to run after antennas, vehicles and other equipment for the purpose of hacking and data theft. We are generally in favor of "reasonable" technical progress. Therefore, our review will be of interest to those who do not set their sights on punishable by law. We will assume that we just need to detect as many wireless spots as possible. What might we need to do this?

Wi-Fi Wardriving

The practice of radio hacking is not as difficult to perform as it may seem. Finding and hacking wi fi tips requires a laptop with an adapter (it can be built-in or external) plus specialized software installed on it. Usually they use a WEP password cracker, a scanner and a sniffer. By the way, it is very easy to find this or that program on the Internet. In fact, it is these 3 segments that do all the "dirty" work.

First-time network catchers will be useful to know that successful Wi-Fi detection and hacking requires an antenna - it will help establish a connection to the access point if the signal is not very strong. Opinions are divided as to what form the hardware should take, but that's a minor point. A couple of years ago, successful "wardriving" specialists used cars, on which the selected antennas were attached. Now this is no longer necessary due to the mass density of cities. And if we talk about the hardcore "hardcore" when intercepting data, it will not be superfluous to have a GPS receiver for mapping the detected wi-fi networks. That's all the hardware.

There is an opinion that it is harder to detect a warrider than a home hacker. They say due to constant movement it is impossible to track him. This is not entirely true - in today's world of megapolises, surveillance cameras are installed everywhere, so if necessary, it wouldn't be too difficult to find a password thief's car. But that's just the way it is - pure theory for your information.

Wardriving from scratch can be learned, but you need a special potential and a great desire. We hope that you are a well-developed person, who is interested in reading our information collection.

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