Smart TVs with Wi-Fi

Smart TVs with Wi-Fi - such devices that allow you to access the Internet using Wi-Fi technology. The topic is really interesting, we could not ignore it and so we asked ourselves a question - why do TVs have Wi-Fi? Yes, yes, many are testing and using the device, but what it is and what it is designed for - still do not know. We are going to correct this injustice.
In this article we will introduce you to the main areas of wireless technology application in modern TV and the principles of Smart TV. Sit back, we hope you will find it interesting.

First of all let's talk about the TVs with integrated Wi-Fi technology in general. By the way, did you know that they have long ago ceased to be a rarity and an exception to the rule, and have become the basic standard? This means that in any set of modern television, both expensive and cheap, you can now find a built-in wi-fi module. And what does it give us? - With such a device there is no need to use satellite and cable connections. We conclude that, having once bought such a TV, we are in no hurry to buy other equipment such as satellite dishes and the like. Although the possibilities to use wireless technology in our favorite "boxes" are not limited only by the economy of money.

What are the TVs with Wi-Fi for

So, we have already found out that the Wi-Fi models have an option to connect to the Internet without wires and cables, ie with a wireless adapter. This is their main, but not the only advantage. With such a "smart" assistant many "interactive" doors open for you and the possibilities are endless. You can:
  • Fast and high-quality exchange of different files between your devices (photos, video, music, etc.).
  • Watch your favorite webpages, services, and resources on the internet (google, surf, stream, you know) + record whatever you like onto any external drive
  • communicate on social networks (big screen);
  • Call videos on Skype, Viber, Telegram
  • Challenge online shopping
  • Game computer games
  • Feel good watching news, movies, shows, talk shows, sports without advertising + absolutely free (in Youtube, Netflix, BBC Player, Ivi), etc.

Smart TV with wi fi

By the way, we forgot to mention that TVs for going online are often called Smart TV (or Connected TV). Why smart - we have already figured out. But how they function is a mystery. These models are multimedia and high-tech, as they are equipped with integrated minicomputers and their own operating system.

With the connection of the Smart TV there are usually no difficulties, as there are detailed instructions in Russian and laconic tips are showed on the screen. The Smart function itself is equipped with handy widgets that help when viewing or searching for data. They can always be updated or replaced. It is controlled with the remote control.
We tried to lift the veil of mystery and figured out why there is a Wi-Fi connection on your TV. Now you know exactly, whether it is worth buying such an electronic device for your home⁄flat ⁄office and what its function is.

Smart TV sets with Wi-Fi - are convenient, stylish and easy! What do you think?

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