Wi-Fi lights

WiFi light bulbs can safely be called the lighting of the future, which is available today. The technology is so unique and yet so prosaic - that it is simply breathtaking. Now you can fully and quite economically use the lighting of your home - because the "smart" light bulbs are very functional and their features are truly fantastic.

The main "feature" of the WiFi lamp is WiFi (excuse the tautology, there is nowhere without it), namely the option of remote control from a smartphone, tablet and the like (iOS or Android). Want voice control? - No problem, many models work with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home. Want the lights to turn on automatically when you come home, for example? - Just set a timer, and the lights turn on at exactly the right time (even in each room individually, if you need them to). Always forgetting to turn off the lights before you go to bed? - Not a problem, again the light bulb setting will solve this problem. Do you like to read before you go to bed? - Select the "Read" function and enjoy the warm soft light, which is perfect for reading. Impressive, isn't it?

In addition, note that such "smart" lamps are compatible with devices from the Smart Home family. They can turn on and off, reacting to the presence of someone in the room or when opening the door. In this case the lamp is controlled through a convenient branded application.

Wi-Fi lights

To ensure the safety the lamps use special technologies: protection against overheating and overload, lightning protection, etc. At the same time the wi-fi bulb is very economical (has an ultra-low power consumption), durable (can serve you up to 11 years), reliable and environmentally friendly (as created from safe and high-tech materials).

To summarize, the huge advantage of this (we can safely say revolutionary) technology are its functions: WiFi control (via special applications), brightness and temperature control (light does not "put pressure" on the eyes, see above our article).
WiFi lights will be an ideal "smart" tool to provide the best lighting in your home or apartment. Try it and see for yourself.

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