Wireless charging via Wi-Fi

There are many mentions of charging gadgets via wi-fi, which may well save us from the annoying process of charging from the network, because modern smartphones, tablets and other portable devices in most cases have on board not a very high capacity battery, this is associated primarily with the size of devices. At the same time the diagonal screens are growing and consume more and more energy. It is difficult to remember the time when the phone was charged once a week. Everything evolves and grows, but not the capacity of batteries.

Wi-Fi Charging Myth or Reality?

Four years ago at the CES 2010 exhibition (Consumer Electronics Show), which was traditionally held in Las Vegas, it was announced the device that gets the energy from the environment, including the waves Wi-Fi. The RCA Airnergy Charger gave great hopes, because there are wireless networks almost everywhere, which means that the battery will always be at maximum capacity, is it not cool?

But let's face it, over four years have passed, all this time the world market leaders are struggling to increase the capacity of power sources and about this device is not heard anywhere.

Program to charge the phone by Wi-Fi

There are some people who believe in such nonsense, in practice it is impossible. And if you think that you download such program and forget about low battery, you are deeply mistaken.

Wireless Charging

But wireless charging exists, though it works on other principle. Induction charging is present in many of the new gadgets, but in order to charge something you need to be very close to the source, just a couple of centimeters away. And it is already giving hope, because it is cool to have a table, on which you can put a laptop, put a tablet and phone and all will be charged. Down with the wires, let's have inductive charging for all devices!

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