WiFi IP camera

Handheld IP wifi cameras are fairly new, but have quickly found their niche in the IP market. Before we get into their purpose - a little lyrical digression. So, we all value security and zealously strive for it. Some of us hang locks around doors, some get a couple of guard dogs, and there is a category of people who believe in IP technologies. If you are part of the latter group, be sure to read our article to the end - it will be interesting.

What is IP wifi camera? - It is a surveillance camera, which is equipped with web server and network interface. In fact, simply put, it "itself" connects to the Internet - LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi networks, records the data from the security system and transmits them to your mobile device using the Internet protocol. In the work with the camera uses both standard web-browser and special software, which usually comes with it. As you understand, all this in wireless mode.

WiFi IP camera

Modern IP cameras with wifi are portable, have a wide viewing angle and are quite functional with built-in motion sensors, a speaker for listening to video sounds, a microphone for hands-free communication. The devices can communicate with a modem, send e-mails or photos or videos to an FTP server, record data on a memory card, act as a video recorder, etc. By the way, wireless cameras are small, they look good in any luxurious interior.

IP-cameras provide visual control of both individual objects, and remote territories (in the fields, cottages, garages, even underground). In addition, you can decide on access to the video data from IP-cameras (i.e. to restrict it or make it open for all network users).

All these features are impressive, isn't it? If you value your security and keep up with the times, you should definitely buy an IP wifi camera. You will be satisfied.

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