Wi-Fi Bridge

Wi-Fi Bridge is a special device that is designed to solve problems in the field of wireless access. With such a gadget, you can significantly extend the range of your Wi-Fi network. Radio bridges (another name for wi-fi bridges) are often deployed by business giants to connect remote offices and territories to the Internet, and they are also often used when deploying a local network for rescue missions in disaster areas. The only possible way out for people who live far beyond the reach of mobile towers distributing Internet (for example, in the countryside) is also to buy a Wi-Fi bridge. This technology is safe and saves money.

Wi-Fi Bridge

Let's find out how a wireless Wi-Fi bridge works and what its main purpose is. The main components of the device are a powerful processor, an equally powerful transmitter, built-in sectoral antennas and several LAN ports. All modern gadgets of this plan support Airmax function for data transmission, have flexible settings and intuitive - understandable interface. In addition, many devices are equipped with additional features (for example, the ability to connect IP-cameras and other additional devices).

Wi-Fi Bridge may be organized at a distance of 1 to 15 km. and maintain speeds up to 150 Mbps. The price of such equipment is not exorbitant, but quite affordable. Moreover, we do not forget that in some cases radio bridge is the only chance to communicate with the outside world with a full broadband Internet access.

The most reliable and popular equipment of this plan is Ubiquiti NanoStation. The company has been on this market for many years, using advanced technology and has a lot of personal improvements in this area. Their devices are rightfully called "all-weather and high-power access points.

Nowadays, many people can't see their lives without the Internet and other IP-technology services. It is such a solution as a Wi-Fi bridge will allow not only to connect the network and all telecommunications over long distances, but also to fully enjoy such services as IPTV (Digital TV) and VoIP (Telephony).

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