Wi-Fi speakers

Many of us dream of living in a "smart" house or apartment, where robots scurry everywhere for cleaning, lighting, heating, kitchen appliances and even the fire in the fireplace are turned on by voice, everything is regulated through mobile applications (we dream to the fullest). In principle, technology does not stand still, such dreams are quite realistic, though costly. But we can assure you that today you can buy devices that will bravely take their place in your future Smart home. One of these gadgets are Wi-Fi speakers.

If you often visit the pages of our site, you certainly know a lot about wireless technology and devices that work with them. The developers of audio systems and acoustic devices did not miss the wi-fi technology. They have created, for example, such speakers, which allow listening to music away from the laptop or PC, and without wires, braiding the whole apartment. The sound is transmitted via wi-fi waves at a distance of 50 meters, hence the name - Wi-Fi Speakers. They are compact, portable and functional, have low power consumption, resistant to interference. They are easy to install, configure and use with special mobile utilities, and the price is more than affordable. The main "chip" of such wireless speakers is their versatility. They can be easily connected to the phone, tablet, laptop, computer, TV, etc. and placed around the apartment in any order and connected to a group.

Wi-Fi speakers

The alternative to VF speakers are bluetooth speakers for computer. The range is up to 10 m, can run on batteries, so they are portable and practical. They are compatible with almost all smartphones and laptops with Bluetooth and of course with desktop computers with the same option.

What can we say in the end? - We can't help living beautifully and functionally (!). We are in a new era of wireless music transmission. Down with wires and cables. Long live Wi-Fi speakers and music without borders!

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