WiFi flash drive

A WiFi flash drive is a device that can be connected to other mobile devices (tablets, laptops, smartphones, computers, etc.) through a wireless connection. In other words, it is a kind of "database" or "cloud storage" of your files, which is always on hand. Now you don't have to "keep" your favorite music, photos and video files in your smartphone (because they take up so much space) - it is enough to have a Wi-Fi flash drive.

All of you, surely, are familiar with the principle of operation and purpose of the usual flash drive (flash drive among others). Now he has a brother, which greatly expanded its functionality. What does this mean? - That now there is no need to connect to the USB port, and we do not need cables. Isn't that cool? That's the whole plus of Wi-Fi technology - portability, functionality, compactness, reliability.

WiFi flash drive

Let's repeat, these drives work not only with notebooks and PCs, but also with all mobile devices based on operating systems we know (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac). Together with the device is provided a special software application that allows you to manage content, move files between devices, create automatic backups of photos, videos and contacts. WiFi flash drives can be formatted and renamed. Another plus to their functionality: simultaneous streaming playback on up to 3 devices. It runs on battery (operating time depends on the model of the device, on average it is +⁄-4 hours).

Summarize: we can safely say that WiFi flash drive is a technology of the future and the best choice for those who want to maximize the capabilities of their mobile gadgets. Test it!

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