Wi-Fi adapter for TV

We have already introduced our readers to such useful equipment as a Wi-Fi adapter for PCs (how it works, how to configure it, what it is needed for). Now we would like to talk about Wi-Fi adapter for TV - a device for wireless connection and Internet access.

Why do you need to connect your TV-panel to Wi-Fi at all? Does it make any sense? - You may ask. Certainly it is for those who don't want to depend on stationary computers with their endless wires, who value comfort, mobility and multifunctionality. Agree, it's much more pleasant to watch your favorite movie, sitting comfortably on the couch than curled up on a chair near the PC. If you agree with this statement, make sure you read the rest of this article.

So you've purchased a Smart TV (or you already had one), and now you want to configure the connection to the Internet. And then it turns out that the Smart TV doesn't have a Wi-Fi module. Do not despair, everything has been thought up before you - you can buy an external Wi-Fi adapter for your TV and configure it yourself. We will tell you what to pay attention to so that everything would work without problems.

Wi-Fi adapter for TV

There are several criteria for choosing such a receiver. Carefully read the relevant items in the TV and router manuals, and then check with our data. We are interested in the following parameters:

  • operating frequency - it is impossible to choose a good receiver for TV without this feature. If your router is running on 5 GHz, and the Wi-Fi adapter for your TV is running on 2.4 GHz, then they will not work together normally.
  • compatibility with specific TV models - there are two options: either you buy a universal Wi-Fi adapter, or a branded adapter (for Samsung TVs - the Samsung module, etc.). The user manual usually specifies the second option and let's immediately note that it is the most optimal - when flashing the version will not flip, and everything will work perfectly. These devices are more expensive than the universal ones but they are worth it.
  • Wi-Fi standard - there are several (802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n). It determines the data transfer rate. Choose according to the standard that our router supports (no high-powered adapter will help you if the router's bandwidth is low)
  • transmitter power - the most optimal option for stable operation are models with a power of 17-20 dBm.
  • Encryption - Select devices with WPA or WPA 2 encryption because WEP is today considered weak.
  • Range and Range - This refers to the TV and router locations (the further apart they are the more powerful the Wi-Fi module must be). In the manual to the receiver it is usually specified for which rooms it is designed.

Pairing a Wi-Fi adapter to the TV

The TV usually recognizes such modules automatically without your participation. The task of the user is to enable the extension in the TV menu and to enter basic network data if needed. It is done in the Settings or Options, Section Network - Line Network Setting.

We've covered all the main points. Now you will definitely make the right choice and you'll be able to buy the right Wi-Fi adapter for your TV, which will be long-lasting and will not cause you any trouble.

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