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Programs to share WiFi

WiFi sharing software is a great way to connect different devices to the Internet, such as tablets, smartphones or laptops, in case you do not have the ability to connect to a WiFi router. In this case, the utility, which allows distributing WiFi, not only allows you to quickly organize the access of any device to the World Wide Web, but thanks to its convenient and simple functionality will allow you to quickly configure anyone, even the first user of such software.

What is the program for distributing WiFi from laptops?

WiFi software is a specialized software, which is designed to establish a secure connection to WiFi and access to the World Wide Web. All the services are very user-friendly and allow you to share your WiFi with other devices using your own laptop as a remote device. Due to its functional features, a program for sharing WiFi and installing it on Windows allows a laptop to act as a mobile access point and perform the connection to the Internet of various devices that have WiFi connection. This WiFi software for Windows can run on any notebook that has a WiFi adapter.

What are the most popular WiFi programs?

Connectify Hotspot is a utility that allows to create WiFi network with your notebook and connect devices running on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 and Android operating system. It is available for free download and offers the user a wide range of options for organizing a WiFi network.

mHotspot is a simple and easy-to-use Internet sharing tool that allows you to easily turn your own laptop into a mobile WiFi hotspot and bring any device into the network. Setup is clear and simple, making it possible to create a WiFi network from your device without a long study of the functionality and features of this software.

WiFi Hotspot Creator is a WiFi handout program that is a powerful utility with a free distribution, which can be used to create both commercial and private networks. For the convenience of Russian Internet users, we have developed a Russian version and installation instructions in Russian, which greatly simplifies the process of use.

Virtual Router Manager is a powerful and functional utility specifically designed for those who need to give out WiFi in the absence of routers and routers. Not only can you download Router Manager for free, but you will not receive any advertising information. The program is open source and many programmers worked on its modernization so Virtual Router Manager does not spy on users.

Magic WiFi is the most convenient solution, which is not only for installation on Windows, but can also be run portable from any medium, such as a regular flash drive or even a floppy, size allows. In three clicks will create a complete wifi network ready to use.

MyPublicWiFi is a free utility, convenient and easy to use, easily turning a laptop into a WiFi hotspot. This program will give you the ability to perform the tracking of sites that have been visited by the user.

What are the benefits of using programs to distribute the Internet?

  • The user gets the ability to connect tablets, cell phones to the Internet without using routers and routers. All programs are distributed and downloaded for free.
  • They allow you to track visited sites and devices, from which you accessed the Internet.
  • Can be used as a tool to create a commercial or working mobile Internet access network.

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