WiFi Pumpkin

WiFi Pumpkin is an excellent wireless network scanning tool. The program has a graphical user interface and good functional characteristics, and therefore is in demand among users. How it functions, whether it has advantages and disadvantages - we will consider today in our new review.

The main feature of the software is setting up a wireless fake (popularly fraudulent) access point. This is how the attacks are carried out (the main one, but not the only one, is the person in the middle) and the (most important) data is collected for the user. Applying such free services, you can not only hack the wi-fi network, but also effectively protect it in the future from cyber-attacks and hacking. No one is safe from mistakes - our goal is to avoid them!

If we talk about the main functions of the application, they are as follows:
  • Scanning traffic and credentials + disabling (deauthenticating) access point clients;
  • Karma attacks, DHCP Starvation, LLMNR, NBT-NS, MDNS, ARP "poisoning" + Windows update attack;
  • Phishing manager integrated;
  • transparent Proxy (Pumpkin-Proxy);
  • DNS spoofing;
  • possible partial bypass of HSTS protocol etc.
We have only talked about the basic characteristics of this utility but not all of them. 

Help: Supported platforms: Kali Linux, Parrot OS, Pentoo, Ubunto. 

The software has a number of dependencies. Some of them can be present in Kali, the other part needs to be installed. The following software is required for normal functionality: hostapd, isc-dhcp-server, php5-cli, rfkill, iptables, Nmcli.

How to use WiFi Pumpkin

Install the software as follows:

There is also a screenshot showing the process of software removal (just in case).

After opening the interface you should go to the plug-ins tab to select the necessary plug-ins for auditing or simulating Wi-Fi attacks (we recommend to start with SSLStrip + dns2proxy). From the configurations available options: DHCP settings, access point, activity monitor and other parameters.

Now we have the whole interface:

In the main window we will fully see the information about available connections, their Mac-addresses, network addresses and other data. Click "Start." Just wait until the capture process is finished!

Pentesting Wi-Fi networks is not as long and complicated as you first thought. We've adapted this manual for users with virtually any level of knowledge - with a little patience you'll be able to handle both phishing and security ∕ data interception. It's definitely worth your attention!

And we remind you that you can download WiFi Pumpkin on our web portal through direct links - go right now. Good luck!

Program information
Title: WiFi Pumpkin
Operating system: Windows
Latest version: 0.8.8
Developer: P0cL4bs Team
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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