Intercepter-NG is a free multifunctional network sniffer. It perfectly analyzes traffic, intercepts packets, decrypts keys and is generally designed for man-in-the-middle attacks. The software is quite interesting for other reasons as well - what are those reasons, we will analyze today.

Who needs it? The application is designed more for users with a certain level of computer knowledge and IT skills, although the software is not so hard to work with. If you are inexperienced in matters of "hacking", you can get access to the following information about the "someone else's" device: name, card version, IP and MAC addresses.

If you are a sophisticated user of such services, the program will reveal data on wireless networks (within reach), e-mail services and even social networks (if you wish).

How to use Intercepter-NG

The functionality of this resource has long since gone beyond cracking the email passwords of your subordinates and is much wider than that. Now you can easily replace a downloaded file with its modified copy containing viruses or malware. You can also:
  • intercept correspondence (in messengers) and email service keys
  • access authorization information in web forms
  • functions X-Scan and FATE (fake updates)
  • ARP spoofing + MITM attacks.
In order to use the program on laptops and computers, you must perform some configuration after installation. First, let's define the network adapter - Network Adapter, not forgetting to find and select your IP. To optimize the scanning standards, right-click in the center of an empty table > "Smart Scan". A list of found points will appear on the screen. At the one we want, right-click again on  command "Add as Target". Now let's start - "Start sniffing".

We won't describe the monitoring process itself and what to do afterwards - the rule is: once you have opened it, you have tested it. The main working commands are Stealth ip, SSL Strip and Mitm (related to the attacks), Resurrection option to intercept HTTPS and Cookie Killer (search for it in the settings).

A few words about the utility interface: it is minimalistic and laconic though it is implemented in English. There are not many tabs and they are marked with icons. All the information is presented in the main window in a tabular format.

Functions on the basis of the OS Windows, Android.

The similar tools are surely interesting for users around the world - they are multitasking and convenient to use. If you're interested, you can download Intercepter-NG free on your PC from our web-portal, go to the direct link below (the latest version is available).

Program information
Title: Intercepter-NG
Operating system: Windows, Android
Latest version: 2.8
Developer: Intercepter-ng
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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