CommView for WiFi

CommView for WiFi is a powerful multifunctional service for monitoring and analyzing 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax wi-fi networks. The software is so versatile, well-thought-out and functional that we can't be silent about it on the pages of our website. We have updated the review a little bit and hope it will be useful for you.

The program is designed for capturing network packets and providing extensive information about them. The data is received through the network adapter, then decoded and analyzed (and if necessary saved to a file for further use).

While working the user can see the list of all the access points and nodes, their signal level, IP statistics, list of packets and information about the protocols used. This will allow you to easily identify wireless networking problems and effectively troubleshoot software and hardware on your ∕ PC laptop.

CommView for WiFi for Windows

In functional terms, the application is an excellent free security tool with many options. Let's mention some of the basic ones:
  • scans, intercepts and can save network packets from all hotspots + compatibility with many adapter models;
  • configures alerts for atypical network activity + comfortable search engine;
  • offline mode of functioning for data exploration
  • creation of informative diagrams, keeping statistics
  • user-friendly navigation within the packages in the format you need
  • control the load on the wireless network
  • SmartWhois support, etc.
Matches platform Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 for 32 and 64 bit versions).

Besides the above, the utility integrates VoIP subsystem, which allows scan and record connections established by using SIP or H.323 standards (it uses around 10,5 mln. (About 100 protocols are available for this purpose). There is also a hierarchical display of layers and headers of each of them.

Let's start the installation on the laptop ∕ computer. At first we check if the driver for the adapter is available (the full list of supported devices can be found on the official site). If you have any difficulties (or questions) go to the Help menu > Driver Installation Guide.

Now go to our link (below the article), download the software, and then unzip it. Then unzip it and launch the program. In the window "Installations" check the boxes (as shown in the screenshot):

Change the maximum number of packages (tab "Memory usage"):

Check the auto-save in the item "Log files" and fill in the fields below:

The settings only seem complicated - in fact the manipulation will not take long.

How to use CommView for WiFi

We can begin the most interesting part - capturing. Click on the button with the same name and start the scanning.

After collecting the packets we call the window (keys Ctrl+L), click on "File" >  "Export log files" and define the extension:

We will now need another service - AirCrack (and this is a completely different reading).

Lots of advanced configurations like font substitution, package coloring, syntax highlighting, buffer size, geolocation (IP location), startup at operating system startup (Miscellaneous tab) and many more.

For your reference: The recently released version 7.2 has significant interface updates as well as Windows 10 support.

As the analyzer has a rather complicated menu, it is undoubtedly more useful for administrators of Wi-Fi networks, network programmers or specialists in the field of network security. On the other hand, once you have read our instructions and applied the hints from it, each of you will be able to get to know it better and in more detail. It's never a waste of time to monitor and protect your network traffic!

If you are not satisfied with the fact that the free version is limited in time (30 days), we strongly recommend that you download CommView for WiFi in Russian - it's fast and safe! We have the latest version available.

Program information
Title: CommView for WiFi
Size: 92 mb
Latest version: 7.3
Developer: TamoSoft
reload, if the code cannot be seen
Download the same:
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