NetSpot is a free tool for monitoring and analyzing wi-fi networks. We have already written about similar products. Each of them is unique in its own way and deserves a high estimate. This time we couldn't skip this application as it is notable for its professionalism and good functional characteristics.

Firstly, a couple of words about who may need to download this scanner. If you're a professional Wi-Fi technician and you're a Wi-Fi installer, it's a very handy tool. It will help you set up your network so that it works as efficiently as possible, without speed drops or dropped connections. Well, if you are a home Internet user, the utility may be "useful" for you as well - it will easily set up your home network and improve the quality of signal reception. You will agree that when your provider promises good speed, but it's not there, it means that you need to change something. We advise you not to hurry to buy (read: change) an expensive router - try to download NetSpot!

Screenshots of NetSpot

How it works

Working with the app is comfortable and easy, no complicated configurations in it. The interface is in English, but very clear.
In the main menu window there are two working modes - Discover and Survey. Each of them performs a certain set of functions. The first mode is intended for monitoring all wireless networks located within your access area (including the neighboring ones). You can view this data in the form of an interactive table and select the necessary information (for example, to find the sources of interference or change the channel if necessary).

In the second mode, a full-scale, also interactive diagnostics of your network with the color coding is carried out. What does this mean? - You load into the program (or draw) a schematic picture-plan of your premises with the obligatory indication of the meterage:
After that you go through your apartment ⁄ house, marking points with the signal level in the utility (the more of them will be, the better). As a result you will get a detailed analysis of the network coverage with all the "dead" zones and without them. And all this with a colorful visualization (it is more for convenience than beauty; it tells us the greener the backlight, the weaker the signal).
Utilizing this data, you can place your router where the signal will be the best. And if you want you can save them in PDF or CSV format. Pretty handy, isn't it? Can you imagine how much easier this software will be for wireless network setup wizards in large corporations and offices!

Help: The software supports many popular versions of OS Windows (7/8/8.1/10) and Mac.

By the way, there is a paid, even more functional and professional version of the application - NetSpot PRO. It is even easier and more interesting to work with it since it offers the modes of multifunctional detailed search, 12 visualized maps and multi-zone projects, up to 500 access points per map, up to 50 zones and their pictures with full area measurements, as well as recommendations on how to configure the software and make mistakes. What can I say? It became clear to you what is cooler!

Such a powerful and useful tool of network diagnostics is worthy of your acquaintance. This software is very flexible, functional and extremely simple. We strongly advise you to download NetSpot PRO - this version will provide you with a wide range of opportunities to use this software product and you will be pleased with it.

Program information
Title: NetSpot
Size: 268 kb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version: 2.14
Developer: NetSpot
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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