WiFi Monitor Pro

WiFi Monitor Pro is a wi-fi network scanner for Android devices. The software is designed to track and obtain information about all available networks, as well as to determine their power and basic parameters. Especially useful will be those smartphone users who always and everywhere want to be online. With this application you can easily find a network and connect to the Internet.

The program is laconic in operation, because it is conditionally "divided" into tabs, which are easy to use. Their names speak for themselves: "Scan" (data on connected gadgets), "Connection" (this is the main option), "Networks" (grouping by different parameters), "Channels" (it's clear).

Once you install WiFi Monitor Pro you will have the following functional capabilities:
  • data of the WiFi network, which is already connected (equipment name, manufacturer, signal strength, operating speed, channel number, frequency, etc.);
  • list of devices, which are already connected to the Internet.);
  • list of available wi-fi networks with the same information;
  • list of other connected gadgets;
  • indication of network channels;
  • IP and MAC addresses, DNS address of the smartphone;
  • graphs data transfer speed and signal strength.

The utility works on Android 2.3 and above, Russified. With all its multifunctionality, the WiFi Monitor Pro is a handy and powerful network analyzer. Even a child can do it. You can try it too!

Program information
Title: WiFi Monitor Pro
Size: 4.42 mb
Operating system: Android
Latest version: 2.5.10
Developer: Alexander Kozyukov
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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