WiFi Key Recovery

WiFi Key Recovery is a convenient application for quick recovery (and further use) of passwords to any WiFi network you have ever connected to. The program does not work on the principle of password cracking or brute force, but a little differently: it "writes" into memory all keys to all WiFi networks you have ever connected to.

How does WiFi Key Recovery work

And when might it be useful? - you ask. Well, imagine the situation: you were in a cafe, restaurant, store or visiting a friend's house, you asked for your WiFi password there, entered it into your smartphone, used the Internet. Then you deleted the password (or this network) out of necessity, safely forgetting about it until the moment you found yourself in the same store, cafe, restaurant again. The network has resurfaced in your list of available connections, and the password to it is forgotten - abandoned. It's unpleasant and inconvenient to ask for it again. Or, suppose another situation: you forgot your home network key and can't use the Internet. And here the developers of WiFi Key Recovery have come to your aid, creating a program that decrypts a special file called wpa_supplicant. This file is present by default in any smartphone, it contains data about all the passwords and networks you have worked with. The keys can be copied to the buffer, or exported to text and then saved. We believe this application will be very useful for you.

Program features:
  • Recover passwords of any complexity;
  • Express key copying function;
  • Easy to export data to text files;
  • Compatible with Android 1.6 and higher;
  • Takes up very little space, consumes no resources and is absolutely free;
  • Doesn't hack new networks, so it's legal;
  • Requires root rights.

Program information
Title: WiFi Key Recovery
Size: 141 kb
Operating system: Android
Latest version: 0.0.8
Developer: Alexandros Schillings
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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